Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 141

Nala has her place as well...
oh...and check this out...

I may be a bonafide planner one day...yet...


johnp said...

Good job Compton...now get a grown up name if you are going to be in the paper...Richard...or Dick....yeah, Dick Compton

StumpRick said...

Ascension Parish will match a $100,000 grant and use the money to fund a master plan to direct future growth, Planning Director Ricky Compton said Monday.

Ascension Parish was selected by the Center for Planning Excellence to receive $100,000 out of $380,000 awarded in the Louisiana Community Planning Program grants.

Other governmental entities that received grants were St. Charles Parish, Bastrop, Lafayette Consolidated Parish and Jena.

The Center for Planning Excellence received the funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Parish President Tommy Martinez said the matching funds were set aside in the parish budget and are available for the project.

Compton said he wants to establish a steering committee to assist in selecting a firm to prepare the master plan.

A firm should be selected in early 2009, he said.

“Unless we get input from the citizens, the master plan will fail,” Compton said.

To ensure that doesn’t happen, Compton said he intends to conduct meetings in each Parish Council district “to find out what the people want in their district.”

“The master plan will be a guiding principal for the whole parish,” Compton said.

He said he hopes the result of the efforts will be a comprehensive document that the Planning and Zoning Commission “will give its blessing to and the council will put for a resolution that the parish will follow this master plan.”

“We want the citizens to say what they want the parish to look like in 25 years and we want to get as much citizen participation as possible,” Compton said.